About Me

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Hey! I’m Beth! Most days you can find me hanging out with my kids, either at the park or in the backyard, with sidewalk chalk and bubbles. I’m an avid reader of YA paranormal fiction (and the r/bigfoot reddit), along with the Harry Potter series, of course.

Currently, I am waiting to purchase nest semester’s textbooks, so I can start reading and outlining chapters. 

I am mostly known for my photos (people say they are awesome) and being a mom. 

People often refer to me as shy, quiet or even the b-word, because I’m a serious introvert with social anxiety (but I’m working on it!) I’m quietly writing about my experiences with social anxiety and depression, and how it affects being a single mom and full-time college student.

I love️ being with my kids, doing homework, drinking iced white mochas (and eating peanut butter m&ms) and taking photos. 

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