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Fall Semester Goals

It’s official – I’m a college student. The semester starts today. I was up at 2 am, looking through all of the online info that my professors uploaded. And wondering what I got myself into. Anyways. That’s a post for another day.

I’m a goal-maker. But I will also be the first to tell you that I rarely follow through with those goals. I can type out a list of a hundred things I want to accomplish, and that list will just sit in my files forever, completely forgotten the moment I hit save.

I am actively working on that issue right now, by setting small, easily accomplished goals and checking them off. I’m approaching college in the same way – setting long-range goals and breaking them into smaller goals so I’ll have success. I’ll be re-working these goals later on and doing a mid-semester check-in.

Here are my goals for the next five months:

  • my kids – they are my first priority. Making sure they are happy, well-fed and well-taken care of is top of my list. My going back to school will be a big change for us all – mom will have homework and papers to write – but I’m hoping that when the big kids see mom doing homework they will put up less of a fight (we’ll see).
  • get at least Bs in all my classes – This is aiming kind of low, but it has been a long time since I’ve had to write for credit. The thought of having to format papers with some sort of style (AP? See? I don’t even know!) is a little daunting. I’m also taking a creative writing class so I’ll have to write some poetry for grades! Didn’t really think that thought when I registered for that class.
  • use my planner all the time – I have an academic year InkWell Press Planner that I’m using for school this semester. I went through it a few weeks ago, adding in days off and college activities listed in the school’s calendar. I might color code classes and assignments, but I don’t know if I have the patience for that. It’s why bullet journaling never worked out for me.
  • follow workout/morning/evening/self-care/house cleaning routines – I need to make some charts to hang up around the house to make it easy for us all to remember exactly what our jobs are. I’ll be using a cleaning calendar from Clean Mama (used it in the past with success) and I’ll be sharing my other routines later.
  • set up Google calendar with my class info – I use the calendar on my phone all the time. If a reminder doesn’t pop up on it, I probably won’t do whatever I’m supposed to do. I do have these calendars color-coded!
  • blog about my experiences – I plan on writing about college from the perspective of a single mom. We’ll see how consistent I can be.
  • make one friend at school and make time to get together outside of school – This is going to be tough, considering I don’t really like talking to people. It does help to know that I won’t be the oldest person in my classes or the only one with kids.
  • work hard – Succeeding in college, being the best mom I can be and adulting all at the same time will be tough. But I’ve made it through 100% of my hardest days, so I know I can do this.

Fall Semester Goals | Beth Gets Brave

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