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Thanksgiving 2017

I told my brother I wanted a bonfire for Thanksgiving, so he made one for me. Good thing too, because during the hour-long drive to Gramma’s, the car had ZERO heat. We were all freezing! Some antifreeze for the van and an hour out by the fire, along with a walk in the woods with Sadie and Penny helped thaw me out.

The kids stayed inside, playing with the toy kitchen, and all of Gramma’s fun toys (the ones I get tired of picking up at my house, so they get sent to Gramma’s…)

Thanksgiving 2017 | Beth Hardinger Images Thanksgiving 2017 | Beth Hardinger Images

Rob went to town to get some antifreeze for my van and left Sadie behind. She wasn’t very excited about that and watched the window the whole time he was gone.

Thanksgiving 2017 | Beth Hardinger Images

Avery found my brother’s old iPhone that doesn’t hold a charge anymore. She still thinks it’s awesome, even if it won’t turn on. (Avery did her own hair – one side ponytail. I don’t know how she makes this stuff up.)

Thanksgiving 2017 | Beth Hardinger Images

Lauren found the very first cell phone I ever had – a flip phone I got in 2005. It has long-since died, but they love pretending. Serious question – at what age does a child get their first cell phone? Avery has been begging for so long, I may cave just to end the whining…

Thanksgiving 2017 | Beth Hardinger Images

Hannah’s just cute.

Thanksgiving 2017 | Beth Hardinger Images

We had meatballs and mashed potatoes for lunch. It was a departure from the norm because the “real” Thanksgiving was the previous weekend. I wish I would have been able to go because I missed out on oreo salad, punch, ham…Now I’m hungry…

Anyway, Christmas will be here shortly, and we’ll have the usual again – and this time I won’t miss it! (Homework is a beast, yo…) My semester ends on Dec 12 and I am so close to having it all done. Then the new semester starts on Jan 8, with five courses instead of four. Should be fun!! (What did I get myself into…?)

Early December Goals:

  • Finish Fall Semester
  • Get tree and decorations out of storage
  • Get Crowley (our new kitty!!) and Crowley supplies
  • Journal Daily
  • Start watching Christmas movies (currently own Elf – yay! and The Grinch – boo.)
  • See Santa one more time
  • Take Christmas photos
  • Blog more…

Happy Last Week of November!

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