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Your Writing Space | NaNoWriMo Prep Month

Some have desks in roomy offices, well-lit and gorgeously decorated. Some curl up on the couch with a tattered blanket and a chipped mug of coffee. Still, others prefer not being in their own home. For me, I sit on my bed with a notebook and pen, and my phone. Supernatural or some other show of the week is playing in the background (currently finishing up Season 11, then 12, in preparations for Season 13).

On the days when my kids are at school or elsewhere, I sometimes like to go to the local Starbucks or Caribou (I like the coffee better at Starbucks, but the atmosphere at Caribou). Being an introvert, I don’t like leaving my house much, but I need a change of scenery every now and then.


If you can hit your NaNoWriMo word count each day while sitting at your kitchen counter, awesome! Figure out where you are most productive and go there. There are countless places to write: public library, college library, the park, your backyard, coffee shop, your living room floor. Wherever is comfortable for you.


Gather everything you need, wherever you decide to write. Heading to the coffee shop? Remember your charger for whichever device you use, a bottle of water for when the coffee runs out (does that ever happen, though?), something to write on, any notes you have for your novel. Be prepared! Do you have a favorite candle or essential oil blend? I like the new Seattle Coffee House candle from Bath & Body Works. My favorite essential oil blend? I like Purification and Lemon. Peppy and bright!)


Turn off your wifi, turn on some music or whatever helps you tune out the noise around you and get to work! If your kids are home, try to write when they are napping or at bedtime. Mine are in school most days, so that’s when I write and do my homework. When my kids are home, mom’s off electronics. Got a pet?

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